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About Milo

Milo Farineau started in film photography at the age of 13, first snagging his father’s 35 mm film camera and then quickly getting his own. The next year, when his family moved to Germany he befriended the photography instructor at the local Army base who taught him how to process film and develop pictures. He shot his first live concert, STYX, at the age of 15 in Frankfurt, Germany

Returning to the States at 16, Milo found a paying gig as a darkroom technician and photo assistant at Greenwood Photo Studios under photographer Rick Ruff. He learned how to work with large volume processing, lighting, photo restoration, portraiture, and the business side of photography.

He studied photography at the University of Virginia under Holly Wright, and worked as her teaching assistant from 1982-1984 With an unending supply of free bulk film, darkroom supplies, 35 mm and medium format cameras, a 4x5 camera and unfettered access to that darkroom, he essentially lived photography during those years.

Milo dabbled in all types of photography through the years as he pursued other career avenues. In 1998 he traveled to Havana and created his 'Cuba in Kodachrome' collection. He took an interest in web development and graphic design software and became an instructor for EEI in Alexandria where he taught a number of software programs including Adobe Photoshop. He went on to be an instructor in these applications with UVA’s ITC Department.

He currently focuses his efforts on live music photography, where he is a regular fixture supporting the local music and arts community in Charlottesville.

He contributed to The Hook, a recently retired Charlottesville weekly newspaper, He currently contributes to BluegrassToday, CosmicVibes Live and is working on a photo journal project featuring the music festival scene. He has prints hanging in numerous restaurants, stores and galleries in town and his photos have been used as album art by Tim Reynolds and TR3, Keller Williams , The Infamous Stringdusters, Larry Keel and Natural Bridge, LEATHal Matter and others. His work has appeared in numerous publications and outlets including Relix Magazine, Bluegrasstoday, The Hook, Virginia Golf Magazine,DeltaSky Magazine and Albemarle Family Magazine and many others. Farineau recently contributed photos to Peter Conner's new Festival book project JAMerica, and has a semi-permanent exhibit of large live music photographs in SideTracks Music, a Charlottesville record store and has a few new shows in the works.

Milo's studio and office are located on 2nd Street SW in Charlottesville VA.

He does NOT do wedding photography.



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